Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a vivid past and blurry future...

Jo: I had a cold last week. I'm sorry I wasn't able to reply to your messages.

Dame: That's OK. I was just a bit worried.

Jo: Do you want me to come over?

Dame: Yeah sure. But you better be ready how boring it will be when you get here. I'm kinda drowning of boredom already.

Jo: Maybe we could just take a walk outside. Look at the stars?

That sounded very weird, but i went out of my way of what's obvious and took a peek outside to see if there really were stars to look at. I chuckled when I saw what I expected... NONE.

Dame: Yeah we could think of something when you get here.

Jo: OK i'll be on my way in 15 minutes.

I met him at school after one of my class. I was cramming to get one of my reports printed so I looked for a computer shop around. He was seated in one of the rented desktop. We bumped into each other when we were both about to pay at the cashier. He introduced himself and told me that he lives in the same building. I was not paying much attention because i was too occupied in printing my late paper, but we exchanged digits just before i ran to catch my professor.

It had been 2 weeks since that first meet up and I don't have any idea why i felt too excited in seeing him again.

Time seemed to run fast when i received a message that he's already at the lobby and was waiting for me. I grabbed my keys and phone and hurriedly went to the elevator to meet him outside.

Dame: Hey you.

Jo: Hi. So where do you want to go?

Dame: It's Monday morning. I have no idea where we could hang out.

Jo: We could go to my place. There's a bar there where we could just have a few drinks.

My mind was blank for a moment.

Dame: I've got an idea.

I grabbed his arm and led him to the street corner and I hailed a cab.

Jo: Where are we going?

Dame: Don't ask. It's going to be good. Trust me.

I grinned a little.

The driver dropped us off Salcedo Park. I lived in one of the flats around that park before. It still has the nostalgic feeling of solitude and calm. The yellow light that poured from the light posts around the park drowned me with so much of the past that i had to pause to get my self ready.

Jo: This is nice.

Dame: I used to live around here. I usually wake up early in the morning to jog around. It's funny because usually this place is filled with dogs that the tenants walk around.

Jo: Lets go to that bench.

We comfortably sat on the bench at the middle of the park.

Time began to tick slowly. The air around us swirled in slow motion that i noticed each speck of dust fly by, dancing to a slow beat. Small talk was the only thing that came between us but it seem that it was the only thing that we need at that time. We had our keys, wallet and phone placed in between us on the bench but he suddenly gathered them and placed them on top of the back rest of the seat to make room.

Jo: Do you want to rest your head on my lap?

He said and I froze.

Dame: No.

But my body did the contrary and lay down on his lap. The stone bench was cold but I haven't felt warmer than ever. He started singing a song i haven't heard before.

Jo: Do you know that song?

Dame: No. I'm sorry but it sounds nice.

His face blocked most on my sight of the sky. There were still stars early that morning and I thought that the moment was perfect.

Jo: Hey. Tell me something.

Dame: I don't know what to say.

Jo: Ask me anything.

I wanted to ask him why he hadn't messaged me until now. It has been 2 weeks. I wanted to ask him if he were seeing somebody else but it doesn't seem appropriate. I wanted to know but I couldn't gather my courage to ask.

Dame: I don't know what to ask. You ask my anything.

Jo: Why haven't you messaged me? I thought you weren't interested.

My heart leaped again. He was thinking the same thoughts that I have.

Dame: I don't know. I was busy with work and school. Were you waiting for my message?

Jo: Yes I was. It's been two weeks. Were you seeing some one else then?

It's like he's reading what was in my mind.

Dame: No. Were you?

Jo: No. Just waiting for you.

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