Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Another year has passed and I am still using the same intro ever since my first Birthday Blog. It would take too long to mention in detail everything that happened so I’m just going to slice it down into numerical identification those HUGE blessings that came my way this wonderful year of Damianne:
  1. I finally passed my Oral Comprehensive Exam and has now received my diploma for my Masters Degree in Business! Which culminated to a grand graduation ceremony where my Dad was able to attend. This was a big deal for me because he was not able to see me graduate in High School or College, so the more special this day for me was.
  2. I got promoted at WORK! Finally, someone noticed the importance of my contribution. (need I expound more?)
  3. I get to break my BEACH record this year! I went to Boracay 5 times and went to Koh Phangan, Thailand to go to the Full Moon Beach Party! I have never been this TAN ever BEFORE! Cumulatively, that was more than 6 weeks of frolicking on the hot beach SAND and under the tan stimulating SUN!
I am thankful to the new friends I met along the way who taught me piece by piece how much lucky I am to have treasured so many of them. I am thankful to my old friends that never failed to keep their presence felt and keep in touch in times when I’m at my most vulnerable! Thanks guys really (using my sarcastic tone! LOL!). To my family that never failed to keep their patience intact from my never-ending nags and limitless rants, I give them my highest respect.
I guess this is all for now and although I know that I am going to be another year older, I wish there would still be things, events and people that I would come across with that I would consider to be a first. Its those first time experiences that molds who I am, it makes me face things I have not encountered before and its those heart-stopping events that keeps me looking forward to a whole new year ahead.

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