Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mother's Instinct

I woke up freezing my toes. It was my third day at Yoshi's sister's house. I didn't realize that Australia chills over while everybody in Manila is enjoying the hot sun of summer. A knock at the door pushed me out of my bed.

Yoshi's Mom: breakfast is ready.

Dame: thank you. i'll just fix up and i'll be down in a second.

I brushed my teeth before i went to the kitchen. The smell of eggs and cheese made my stomach grumble.

Dame: smells good.

Yoshi's Mom: its just scrambled eggs. it's yoshi's favorite.

Dame: where is he?

Yoshi's Mom: oh... he went out. He said he will be meeting some of his friends. He didn't tell you?

Dame: oh, yeah. I think he mentioned it to me last night.

He didn't say anything about it. There wasn't any plan to leave me in this house where i felt i was unwanted. He said he'll be here for me, to protect me from them, to protect us from the stabbing stares and the judging grins, but now i'm alone here and i have no idea when yoshi is going to come back.

I sat on the kitchen table, worried with the company i have, my boyfriend's mother.

Yoshi's Mom: He's really like that. You can't keep him in one place. And if your pace is too slow for him, he'll leave you behind.

Dame: What?

It's as if she read my mind. I pretended not to understand what she was talking about, but i am fully aware of what she said.

Yoshi's Mom: Where did the two of you meet?

Dame: I met your son in Manila. In a bookstore. He was very charming. I believe it was almost two years ago. I can't believe it's already two years.

Yoshi's Mom: Yes. Time flies really fast. Especially when you're having fun. You should enjoy it while it lasts.

That made me shut my mouth up. I tried to look for any other meaning of what she said, but it's clear that she doesn't like me. She placed a plate on top of the table infront of me and i started to eat quietly.

Yoshi's Mom: How many siblings do you have?

Dame: I have two sisters. I'm the oldest.

I tried not to keep the conversation going, but she kept on with her questions, which felt more like an interrogation.

Yoshi's Mom: It's just yoshi and his older sister for me. Yes, how time flies so fast. His sister is about to get married and yoshi...

She looked at me with distinct taste of disgust.

Yoshi's Mom: and yoshi... is all the way in Manila...

I couldn't take it anymore. I took a deep breath.

Dame: Maam, When I met your son, I didnt know that he could be someone i will trust my life with. I met him and got to know him and then i learned that you did a very good job. His parents did a great job in raising him. He is sweet, he is responsible, he is brilliant and he loves me very much. And i love him. Maybe not as much as you do, but i know i'm getting there. It just had been two years that we were together but those were very happy years for us. I want you to know that maam. Your son is very happy, maam.

She suddenly stopped whatever she's doing. The air seemed to stop moving around us. She took a glass of water and set it beside my plate. I realized that all the while I was talking she never blinked.

Yoshi's Mom: Finish your breakfast. Have more eggs. Both you and yoshi are so thin. You should eat a lot.

She placed more eggs and two more slices of bread on my plate.

Yoshi's Mom: And please stop calling me maam. Call me mother.

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